Motoko specialises in motion design combining 2d-, 3d animation and film.
As a strong team with a network of specialists we work on projects that fascinate us for advertising agencies, broadcasters, film production companies and corporate clients.

Our work is custom-made, from concept to final product, and this is our approach;


At the initial meeting, we discuss the purpose and motivation of the project. After a thorough analysis, we look for good ideas and put forward a proposal for the final product.

Script and style

With a strategic plan in place, we develop the script and design a mood board for the look & feel. We also make style frames and test animations to bring the project alive.

Design and animation

We go through the design phases step by step, such as visual style development, storyboarding and animatic. Once everything is designed and we have your approval, the actual production of the animation begins.

Audio and delivery

In post-production, we bring everything together with the music, sound design and possibly voice-over. Finally, we render everything in the necessary formats, from social media to film resolution.

Jeroen Schellekens