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The event


Lucas Zanotto

Lucas Zanotto

Lucas Zanotto finds his origin in Milan where he graduated in product- and graphic design. After his study he worked for different international design studios, during this period of time he slowly grew more and more interest in directing.

He is an motion designer who loves to mix different media and is always experimenting and exploring new ways of creating animations. What is key for Lucas Zanotto is that his work feels very modern and analogue at the same time that has to do with the way he combines classic animation and digital media.

In Cannes his work received a Golden Design Lion and he got rewarded Gold at the Promax International, the HAFF, the ITFS and also at the Ottawa Animation Film Festival.

Jeroen Schellekens
I Saw John First

I Saw John First

John Christian is a versatile director and artist who goes under the name ‘I saw John first’ is based in London and Oslo and is also represented respectively by Strangebeast (UK) and Animasjonsdepartment (Norway).

After he graduated BA in Moving Image at Central St. Martins, John has continued to play and educate himself. He grew up in rural Asker in Norway and still he gets his inspiration from long aimless and self-entertained walks. These walks usually result in sketchbooks filled with odd ideas.

This odness and aimlessness is also very present in his work because there is some type of restless progression which comes in all different type of mediums and techniques he works with. Be it live action, stop motion, compositing, puppetry, prop making and 2D animation.

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Anna Ginsburg

Anna Ginsburg

Anna Ginsburg is born and raised in London, after completing a Foundation course at Camberwell College of Arts she studied Animation at Edinburgh College of Arts. Since leaving Edinburgh she returned to London where she now has a studio.

Anna pushes the realms of what is possible in terms of live visuals, music videos and animation. Most recently she directed a short film for Selfridges ‘Material World’ exploring sustainable fashion using 2D animation.

Her first music video for Bombay Bicycle Club’s ‘How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep?’ won a Bafta at the New Talent Awards, since then Anna has received incredible praise for her film ‘Private Parts’, which was screened at film festivals worldwide.

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Greg Barth

Greg Barth

Greg Barth comes from Geneva, Switzerland and is currently based in London. He makes boundary pushing films that are constantly surprising and mind blowingly executed which has to do that he builds life sets that are so immaculate that they hardly seem real.

Greg might start with a simple idea, but he takes that idea and pushes it as far as the form will allow, taking the viewer to places they have genuinely never been before.

Therefore it’s not odd that there is a list of awards and nominations. Most recently he won the Graphite Pencil at the D&AD (Hello Play 360) in 2016 and a first place (Fortunes) at the Young Directors Awards in Cannes 2014.

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Patswerk is an illustration & animation studio, based right here in The Hague. The studio was founded in 2008 by long time friends Ramon Avelino, Rogier Mulder and Lex van Tol.

Patswerk produces bold illustrations with attention to detail, for a range of national and international clients. Their work is playful and often colourful. They like to incorporate fun characters, clean lines and the occasional moustache in their designs.

Ok.. make that a lot of moustaches. The guys are also pretty enthusiastic about beers. So especially for this edition of Cinetoko, they brewed a limited edition beer.

Jeroen Schellekens
From Form

From Form

From Form is a Rotterdam-based film and design studio founded by Jurjen Versteeg and Ashley Govers. They’re passionate about working across print, spatial and film. Their projects include set design, photography, commercials, title sequences and graphics.

The common thread that runs through their creative approach is their interest in building worlds based on meticulous attention to detail. The duo constantly explores different materials, textures, forms and processes.

These experiments helps them to create immersive visual experiences that come to life on screen, on paper or in a 3D space. From Form often combines digital and analogue approaches within the same project to create playful, engaging and memorable work.

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Where and when to attend Cinetoko Fest 2018:

Venue: The Grey Space in the Middle
Route / map
Address: Paviljoensgracht 20
2512 BP The Hague
The Netherlands
Date: 23 June 2018
Doors open: 14:00
Program times: 15:00 – 01:00

Car parkings nearby the festival:
Q-Park Lutherse Burgwal (1 minute walk)
Q-Park Grote Markt (2 minutes walk)
Q-Park Laan (4 minutes walk)

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The venue

The venue

Cinetoko Fest 2018 is being held right in The Hague’s city center at the “Grey Space in The Middle” venue.

The Grey Space in the Middle is about fundamental creativity. It is an open laboratory and presentation space where art and digital culture unite with science, technology, and philosophy in a superdisciplinary state.

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Food & drinks

Food & drinks

At Cinetoko Fest 2018 you have the possibility to have a drink and eat some food!

Besides the bar there will be a food truck and a terrace to have a bite and a drink.

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Where to buy tickets

Tickets for Cinetoko Fest 2018 are sold online exclusively. You cannot buy a ticket at the door!

Regular ticket price €25,00
Students * €17,50 (30% discount)
Cineville Members ** €15,00 (40% discount)
We Are Public Members ** €10,00 (60% discount)

* Students please bring along your student card!
** Cineville and We Are Public members please bring along your member card!

Above prices are the final prices, no hidden fees like transaction costs. Each ticket gives you full access to all programs at the festival. Woohoo!

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What to do with your ticket

After you successfully ordered your ticket order, you will receive your ticket as a PDF e-ticket by e-mail, as well as a direct dowload. Save this on your phone, or print it out and bring it to the festival.

At the festival, your digital ticket on your phone or printed ticket will be scanned at the door and you will get a wristband in exchange to enter the festival.

Students, Cineville and We Are Public members, don’t forget to bring your student or member card to the festival. You will need to show this in addition to your ticket in order to get your wristband.

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Supported payment methods

You can buy tickets in our online ticket store, using these payment methods:

iDEAL iDEAL bank payments, supported by all major Dutch banks
Visa Visa credit cards
Mastercard Mastercard credit cards

Note that PayPal is not supported.

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The Festival

When and where is the festival?
Cinetoko Fest 2018 is being helt on June 23, 2018 from 14:00 – 01:00 at The Grey Space in the Middle, Paviljoensgracht 20, The Hague.

Is the festival indoor or outdoor?
The presentations, talks and expo will be indoor. In front of the building, there will be a terrace with food and drinks to enjoy.

What language is spoken at the festival?
All presentations, talks and lectures at Cinetoko Fest 2018 are being helt in English.

How do I buy a ticket for the festival?
You can buy a ticket here.

Can I buy a ticket at the door?
No, sorry. Tickets are sold online.

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Will there be food at the festival?
Yes! We have arranged a food truck from “Kaas & Worst” that will serve nice salads, vegetarian and small bites as well as tosti’s.

How do I pay for drinks and food?
At the festival, we support PIN only for paying consumptions. You cannot pay with cash or a credit card, sorry! We do not work with special coins or consumption vouchers. 

Where can I park my car?
There are several parkings nearby the festival:
Q-Park Lutherse Burgwal (1 minute walk)
Q-Park Grote Markt (2 minutes walk)
Q-Park Laan (4 minutes walk)

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Misc questions

What is Cinetoko?
Cinetoko, an initiative by animation studio Motoko, is a filmclub that screens thematic evenings for people who love cinema. Our aim is to share the experience of film making and inspire creative minds in The Hague.

What is Motoko?
Motoko is an animation and motion design studio based in The Hague, The Netherlands. At Motoko we create motion design material, combining 2d-, 3d animation and film for creative agencies, tv channels, production companies and corporate clients.

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How to reach us

Questions about your tickets, the festival or Cinetoko in general? You can contact us through the following channels:

Send an e-mail to

Follow Cinetoko’s Facebook event

Follow Cinetoko’s Instagram page

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About Cinetoko

As you may know Cinetoko was initiated by Motoko in 2008 as a way to share the art of film and animation. In every edition we have different guest appearances to give a little insight in the making of film and animation.

These Cinetoko evenings are meant to inspire friends, students, and everyone else interested in some creative enrichment.

Meanwhile it’s ten years and 38 Cinetoko’s later… and we’d like to celebrate this milestone together with you during Cinetoko Fest 2018.

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The organisation

Cinetoko Fest 2018 is made possible by:

Initiated by: Motoko
Visual identity: Jordy van den Nieuwendijk
Hosting & Expo: Danièle Knirim
PR / social media: Elsemieke van der Heijden
Production: Walter Thomson

Cinetoko Fest 2018 is financially supported by Stroom Den Haag and The Municipality of The Hague.

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