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Geoffrey Lillemon creates digital pieces of art that explore the space of interaction between the real and the imaginary. Previously identifying with the surrealism and absurdist art movements his focus is now driven by the desire to do things in a new way.

Lillemon seeks to create what hasn’t been done before by merging the romantic side of classical art with the advances of technology. As one of the leading artists of the Net Art Movement, Lillemon has been consistently innovative in the interplay between the digital and physical world in his work, he blends the traditional mediums with interactive animation that responds to human touch, brainwaves, and even heartbeats. Unrestricted to one art form, Lillemon’s work ranges from mixed and moving media to literature and soundscapes to classic portraiture.

Lillemon currently lives in Amsterdam and exhibits internationally. He also collaborates on various projects and his portfolio includes clients like Adidas Originals, Tate Modern and Tim Burton.

“I don’t see a separation between the digital and physical world anymore. It’s all one thing now. It’s just life, and my art is a reflection of that life. The realm of imagination, dreams, and delusions is no less real than the real world. My work explores the coexistence of the digital and physical through this subconscious realm – the space that lies somewhere between the real and the imaginary, the space where they interact.”

Support programme: As an introduction to the evening we’ll be introducing a selection from the series The Symposion Nights. With the help of hand-picked fragments of documentaries participants are invited to share their ideas about reality and practice critical thinking. Tonight we’ll be looking at the role of art at the end of the age of postmodernism. Are you prepared to view reality from a different angle? (moderated by Werner de Gruijter)

Evening schedule

20:00 – Doors open
21:00 – Support programme: Werner de Gruijter
21:30 – Short break
21:45 – Main programme: Geoffrey Lillemon
23:00 – Drinks and an opportunity to meet the speakers

Hosted by Puck Verkade

Event snapshots

Geoffrey Lillemon

Werner De Gruijter

Cinetoko Audience

Cinetoko Audience

Geoffrey Lillemon

Werner De Gruijter, Puck Verkade

Dez Vylenz

Erwin Fasel, Puck Verkade

Marijn En Casper

Michel En Robbert

Cinetoko Audience

Breaking Art With Technology

Fotografie: Michael Danker
Jeroen Schellekens