The Hague cultural education


The Hague Cultural Education (COH) has been initiated to ensure the quality of education in primary education. COH, an initiative of CultuurSchakel, allows children to experience culture and challenges them to imagine their ideas. This happens during arts and culture lessons by the teacher, an artist in the classroom or visiting an exhibition, film, music or theater presentation.

Animation series

Assigned by CultuurSchakel, Motoko developed a series of 16 animations for the Hague’s primary schools. Titled “De Haagse Ladekast” (dutch for “The Hague’s Dresser”) these animations are shown in the classroom on the smartboard during the arts and culture lessons. Each animation tells a short story about a character that makes a cultural exploration. Disciplines such as painting, music, dance and film form the base of the stories.

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The Hague cultural education
EP 1 Gianni - Our City

Gianni has a scary dream. The Hague's Dresser takes him on a dream adventure through cultural The Hague.

The Hague cultural education
EP 2 Malika - Our City

Malika, along with Hague Harry, explores the cultural treasures of The Hague while shopping on the market.

The Hague cultural education
EP 3 Niels - Our City

The Hague's Dresser takes Niels and Milan on a journey through The Hague. While skating, they enjoy the cultural treasures of the city.

The Hague cultural education
EP 4 Lola - Our City

Lola is looking for her friends who are in a mysterious place. During her search, Lola discovers cultural venues in the city.

The Hague cultural education
EP 5 Gianni - Identity

Gianni discovers who he wants to be and how he sees the world through music and painting.

The Hague cultural education
EP 6 Malika - Identity

With a magic wand, Malika turns herself into a pilot and travels through a fantasy world she creates herself.

The Hague cultural education
EP 7 Niels - Identity

Niels and Milan can be a superhero for one day. Thanks to their heroic deeds, they discover which hero suits them best.

The Hague cultural education
EP 8 Lola - Identity

Lola is going to perform at the school party. During the preparations she finds the ideal band members and finds her own style.

The Hague cultural education
EP 9 Gianni - Utopia

Gianni travels with a balloon through dreamland and transforms it into a musical festival.

The Hague cultural education
EP 10 Malika - Utopia

Malika is looking for Pleasure Island. On he journey, her imagination transforms the world she sees.

The Hague cultural education
EP 11 Niels - Utopia

While playing a computer game, Niels and Milan build the city of their dreams, consisting of music and books.

The Hague cultural education
EP 12 Lola - Utopia

Lola may be mayor of The Hague for one day. It proves to be a challenge to make a beautiful city for everyone.

The Hague cultural education
EP 13 Gianni - Stories

Gianni's dog Bo disappeared. Gianni dives into the fairy tale book to find Bo and encounters all kinds of odd characters.

The Hague cultural education
EP 14 Malika - Stories

Malika makes her own version of an old movie. In the film house she gets a standing ovation during the premiere of her film.

The Hague cultural education
EP 15 Niels - Stories

Niels and Milan discover a red thread of a narrative story. They make the story a twist by changing the thread.

The Hague cultural education
EP 16 Lola - Stories

Together with The Hague's Dresser, Lola travels over time to write her life story into a diary.


In addition to the animations, Motoko developed a library of assets: campaign images for social media, a playing cards set, flyers and 128 illustrations supporting website and class material.

  • Campaign image

  • Website illustrations

  • Toolbox Dance playcard set

  • Flyer for workshops

  • Still from the series

  • Still from the series

  • Still from the series

  • Still from the series

Interactive map

To access all the 128 lessons and 16 animations, we developed a playful, animated interactive map that captures the world of COH. All the main characters from the animations and lessons can be seen and each lesson and animation can be accessed. You can open the map by clicking here.

COH Interactieve Kaart

Visual style

In addition to the animation production, the development of the series also includes the design of the visual style and the creation of a family of characters. For example, we designed characters for four different age groups. Each character represents an age group and plays a leading role in any animation.

Furthermore, we gave shape to “The Hague’s Dresser”: this character has the role of sidekick helping the characters in every story.

COH Karakters

Haagse Ladekast

Lees in Nederlands


Animation series
Concept, design & production:
Motoko, Iskander Krayenbosch, Jurjen Bosklopper
Motoko, Bobby Pola
Additional images:
Kea Dunant
Motoko, Malou de Roy van Zuydewijn
Music & sound design:
Rens Polman
Jeroen Schellekens