Crossing Border 2020

The official trailer for Crossing Border Festival 2020. Some black raven madness in a virtual world!

We’ve been given the opportunity to create this year’s trailer for Crossing Border 2020. An international festival filled with music and literature which was found in The Hague in 1992. Artists like David Sylvian, Rufus Wainwright, Joan As Police Woman, Lou Reed, PJ Harvey, Sandro Veronesi, John Irving, Madeleine Albright and many more have entered the ‘Crossing Border’ stage.

This year’s event, which is from 3 – 8 November, is entirely online and free for everyone to watch! Visit for the programme.

Lees in Nederlands

Behind the scenes

Crossing Border 2020 Making Of

Stills from the animation

Crossing Border 2020 Still 1

Crossing Border 2020 Still 2

Crossing Border 2020 Still 3

Crossing Border 2020 Still 4

Crossing Border 2020 Still 5

Crossing Border 2020 Still 6


Crossing Border
Festival promo
Concept, script & design:
Music & sound design:
Marcin Pawlukiewicz

Crossing Border Festival 2020

Jeroen Schellekens