Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour

Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour
Montage of animations
Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour
Animation: The flow of capital
Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour
Animation: How Apple succeeds in paying low tax
Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour
Animation: Trust offices in The Netherlands
Tegenlicht – Tax Free Tour
Animation: Tax wizard

Motoko created six animations to support TV channel VPRO’s Tegenlicht episode directed by Marije Meerman. The documentary “Tax Free Tour” gives a powerful insight into the methods used by multinational corporations like Apple, Starbucks and Google to avoid paying billions of dollars in tax. Motoko’s animations visualize the mechanisms and capital flows that govern this financial underworld.

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Directed by:
Marije Meerman
William de Bruijn
Sound design:
Martijn van Boven
Taxodus game:
Femke Herregraven
Additional graphics and animations:
Skrudge, Type3, Mendel Agterberg
Jeroen Schellekens