Tegenlicht – The Wall Street Code

Tegenlicht – The Wall Street Code
Montage of 4 animations

The Wall Street Code 01
The Wall Street Code 02

Motoko created 4 animations for The Wall Street Code, a new documentary by Marije Meerman for VPRO Tegenlicht (VPRO Backlight). These animations visualize the gritty world of the High Frequency Traders, the algorithms and the complexity of the trading mechanisms on Wall Street. The people behind the codes that run the trading of billions of dollars are losing control over the software they have written, resulting in huge fluctuations on the global trading market run by computer code. The animations use the metaphor of micro organisms and the fickleness of nature to visualise these stock markets.

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Directed by:
Marije Meerman
Gerko Wessel
Sound design:
Concept visualization:
Femke Herregraven
Additional animations:
Skrudge, Mendel Agterberg
Jeroen Schellekens